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Akshat Gupta πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

I'm a Software Developer experienced in Frontend Web Development, Cloud Computing, SEO, Digital Marketing, SEM & Offline Marketing.

When I am not coding, I am organising or taking part in workshops, webinars & hackathons, writing blogs, solving doubts and mentoring students.

I'm always open to have a talk about anything. I love awesome contributions and hence look forward to your issues and pull requests.

Akshat Gupta Speaking at VITMUN
Software Developer

My Activities πŸ“¬

Institution Type Course Duration
Vellore Institute Of Technology, Vellore University B.Tech.: Information Technology 2018-2022
Chinmaya Vidyalaya Tapovanam, Kilpauk High School PCM + Computer Science 2009-2018
Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Harrington Road Primary School General 2005-2009

Do I depend solely on books? πŸ“š

When I am not learning in University, I am exploring new web technologies at The Net Ninja on YouTube or learning what went wrong in Stack Overflow.

I've also learnt quite a lot while solving doubts on Stack Overflow as it motivates me to learn stuff I don't already know so I can help out someone else in need.

I am also a mentor for plenty of students and hence giving them tasks and learning with them while solving their problems has also helped shape the person I am today.

Company Role Description Duration Feedback
GAIUS Networks Full Stack Developer 1. Incharge of making the official web portal for the company.
2. Responsible for making the official web portal for, a community engagement PWA.
3. Responsible for making the official PWA for Flipped Classrooms, an online learning enhancement service.
July 2022 View
Josh Talks Software Development Intern Incharge of making the mobile first Josh Skills web portal to improve the brand's SEO & online presence for their online courses. Jun 2020 - July 2020 View
Fame Technologies Frontend Developer 1. Responsible for making the Fame Recruit all-in-one portal consisting of a static display page, pages where students can take tests & apply for jobs; where companies can set challenges and recruit interested students & an admin portal to monitor everything.
2. Responsible for making the Master Connects portal where mentors and mentees can connect with each other and provide or find the help needed to succeed in life.
April 2020 - May 2020 View
Josh Talks Software Development Intern 1. Incharge of making the frontend for the Going Online As Leaders website portal in association with the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.
2. Incharge of making the frontend for the DigitalBeti portal falling under the Digital India initiative by the Government of India.
Jan 2020 - Feb 2020 View
FindMind Analytics Digital Marketing Intern Incharge of SEO for the company, creation & handling of social media profiles, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and Google Ads. Jun 2019 - Aug 2019 View

Is that all? πŸ€“

The above table contains a list of internships I've done and my role in that company.

I've also worked on several freelance projects. My most memorable freelance is Onlala, a full fledged e-commerce portal consisting of an admin portal, supplier portal and shopping portal.

I've also completed the Inside Sherpa Virtual Internship by JP Morgan Chase & Co.

I like to keep working on something or the other in order to be productive and learn more while also meeting amazing new people. This is why I keep taking up work and have at times worked on more than 1 project at once.

My Tech Stack πŸ’»

HTML CSS JavaScript Git GitHub MaterializeCSS Bootstrap Zurb Foundation JQuery React Azure GCP Heroku SEO SEM PHP

What I Am Learning πŸ“™

Flutter Django Docker AWS

I’ve tried to efficiently maximise productivity out of efforts put into the activities I’ve indulged in over the years.

I'm a Web Developer with keen interest in Cloud Computing, SEO & Digital Marketing.

I'm also proficient at public speaking, working in teams, leading teams and management.


Open Source


Conduct meetings, livestreams, project reviews & informal hangout sessions using speakOut- the most secure application in today's market in high definition real time video and audio.



Open Source


The official website for DevSoc 2020 by CodeChef-VIT.



Open Source


Recruitment Portal For CodeChef-VIT's Design Team.

Clubs & Chapters


Open Source


Web application to help convert one programming language's code to another within seconds while also enabling the user to generate code using just logic.



Open Source

A multiservice attachable device (to wheelchairs) for the elderly and handicapped to solve some of the daily challenges faced by millions worldwide.


That's it? 😱

No! The above mentioned projects are just a few open source projects of mine. I have worked on many more projects, a list of which can be found in the projects section on my LinkedIn.

Have a look at some more projects made by me 🀩

Project Description Link
DigitalBeti Web portal for Digital Beti in association with Josh Talks and the Digital India initiative. View
Going Online As Leaders Official Web Portal for Going Online As Leaders in association with the Tribal Ministry of India, Facebook & JoshTalks. View
Josh Skills Frontend for the mobile first website for Josh Skills with an aim to improve the company's SEO & online presence. View
Lyricist Lyricist helps get musical notes from online music classes automatically. View
Engagement Monitor Monitor and analyse active or disinterested members of a WhatsApp group. View

Want more? πŸ‘€

Check out how I open source on my GitHub profile.

Award Description By When
RTE Hack 2020 Won the Audience’s Favourite Award by being the top voted and most liked project of the hackathon. Sep 2020
HopHacks Fall 2019 Won the best Healthcare Hack award powered by Siemens Healthineers out of 44 submitted projects. Johns Hopkins University Sep 2019
PennApps 2019 Qualified for the top 30 teams out of 242 worthy teams. University of Pennsylvania Sep 2019
IBM Challenge Won the IBM Challenge in AngelHack Bangalore out of 46 submitted projects. AngelHack India Jun 2019
VinHack Won third place in VinHack, hosted by VinnovateIT out of 213 registered participants. VinnovateIT Mar 2019
404 Not Found Won first place in my first Webathon- 404 Not Found, hosted by CodeChef-VIT out 393 registered participants. CodeChef-VIT Oct 2018
DevFest 2018 Won third place in my first Hackathon- DevFest 2018, hosted by DSC-VIT (earlier known as Google Developers Group) out of 150 registered teams. DSC VIT Oct 2018

Extra-Curriculars πŸ₯‡

You win some, you lose some.

I actively take part in Hackathons, MUNs, Competitive Coding and other unique competitions since I love exploring new things. I'm always up for a challenge and the above table shows how dedicated I am when I want to achieve something.

My Certifications ⬇️


Student || Developer || Programmer


Web Development
Digital Marketing
Public Speaking
Cloud Computing




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